Alina Bea - Live Undone

Projections // CODE // Lighting

I wrote custom software to control six projectors and designed the middle projection structure that Alina is dancing around.

The Weeknd // Apple

Projection // Code

Worked in the art department to design some interactive projections and LED wall content.


Projection // VFX 

Projection designs for a music video featuring Tyga.

Jacob X Jordan


Promotion reel for Jack Page with JacobXJordan.

Mystery Skulls - Tour Recap

CODE // LIGHT Design // VJ // VFX

Here is the tour recap video for Mystery Skulls' tour with Cherub. I ran and designed all production for these shows. Video shot and edited by Mixed Media.

Stage Design

// Projection // Installation // 

Stage design for Risky Vision held at The Regent in downtown Los Angeles.

Dynamic Mapping

Code // Kinect // Lighting // Projection

Program I wrote with Processing that finds the shapes of all the objects in a room and projection maps a video on the shape in real time. 

Pride - Gavin Turek

// Lighting // Projection //

Lighting design I did for Gavin Turek in her video for Pride.

Desert Daze - 2014

// Lighting // Installation // Projection //

Recap from the 2014 Desert Daze music festival. Participated as the Festival Light Director. I ran the lights during the shows and built a custom "light moon" that you can see in some of the clips. Big ups to Jon-Kyle Mohr for helping me with this one.


// Code // Projection // Motion Tracking //

This is an installation I made for Digital Graffiti in Florida.

The installation tracks the body movements of a viewer and uses that information to generate a maze that evolves through ought the night.