Dynamic Mapping

Code // Kinect // Lighting // Projection

Program I wrote with Processing that finds the shapes of all the objects in a room and projection maps a video on the shape in real time. 


Water and Fire - Alys Beach, Fl

// VFX // Code // Kinect //

Video made for an installation for the Caliza Goes Pink event in Alys Beach, Fl.

Images made with the Kinect camera to create a depth cloud of a dancer. 


Pride - Gavin Turek

// Lighting // Projection //

Lighting design I did for Gavin Turek in her video for Pride.


Desert Daze - 2014

// Lighting // Installation // Projection //

Recap from the 2014 Desert Daze music festival. Participated as the Festival Light Director. I ran the lights during the shows and built a custom "light moon" that you can see in some of the clips. Big ups to Jon-Kyle Mohr for helping me with this one.



// Code // Projection // Motion Tracking //

This is an installation I made for Digital Graffiti in Florida.

The installation tracks the body movements of a viewer and uses that information to generate a maze that evolves through ought the night. 


Point Cloud

// Code // Kinect // VFX //

Program written in Java with Processing. 

Uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to render a 3D object in real time. 

Can be used as a high budget special effect or another way to realize you're terribly, terribly alone.

Song credit: Ocelot


Video Loop

// Code // VFX // VJ //

Here is a program I wrote to be used for live visuals at a concert.

The program records live video from stage that can be synced with audio loops and then projected back on to stage. 


3D Green Screen

// Code // Kinect // VFX //

Program written with Processing to make a three dimensional green screen.

Instead of making the background green, it does the opposite and changes all objects within a range green.

This was made to be chromakeyed with a video effect software like After Effects. Individual frames or full video can be exported.



// VJ // VFX // 

Content for VJ set. Mixed Live.
Admit it. Everyone's about French Techno.

Song credit: Geseffelstein